Max Cinnamon: „I made this move completely spontaneously”

We continue our mission to reaching out amazing artists participating in this year national preselections. This time our invitation to chat was accepted by Destination Eurovision finalist Max Cinnamon!

Hello Max! I’m so grateful that you find a free spare of time to talk with me. Let’s start with your earliest memories connected with playing music. As I read, you started your musical education when you’re just four years old! Who came up with idea introducing you to playing violin and singing that early? You’re a representing next generation in music oriented family? 

Hello! I have an older sister who was already playing piano. Her best friend played a violin and I was just fascinated how beautiful the instrument was. I couldn’t wait to start playing! Quite frankly, my parents don’t play any instruments but the music is always on in our house. 

I think that so important factor to you as an musician and simply human being, was living in London, before you come back to France. How you remember this time spent in England? Is there any major differences between living as a teenager there and right now in Nice? 

I really enjoyed my life in London but then all summer holidays and Christmas’s were spent in France at my grandmother’s house who is French. I was so excited to move here, I was really into sports at that time and you can spend your time outdoors here in the South.

In most of the articles introducing you to the world, I find short quote where you share how much you adore going fishing with your dad. What’s special is in this particular activity?

I love water, so being near the sea or river is always relaxing. My dad is a big fan of fishing so I guess this is our bonding time.  We took a boat recently and caught barracuda, that was the best feeling ever. We are yet to catch a big tuna. 

Before I will come to the most important topic of our dialog – I will like to ask you about your music influences. Can you share with us your favorite artists or bands whose compositions are really important for you as an artist? What’s your favorite genres of music? 

I listen to all sorts of music! I spent much time with Johnny Cash songs when I was starting playing on Spanish flamenco guitar. Nowadays I am much more current with my influences but Ed Sheeran’s first album is still one of my favorites. 

It’s time to chat with you about Eurovision Song Contest. How it happened that you decided to submit Ailleurs to this year preselections? It was a decision which you’re done spontaneously or you thinking about it for quite some time?

I made this move completely spontaneously. I was asked if I had a song I could submit for the competition. I sent something I have already written and didn’t think about it afterwards. It was a great surprise that the song was accepted! 

Your entry sounds as a absolutely chill, catchy and melodic tune. This effect it’s so amazing also because of your great voice. Can you tell us what’s story it’s hidden on the lyrics of the song?

I am really happy you found it absolutely chill because this is exactly how I wanted it to sound! I wrote the song in English and then had to rewrite the lyrics in French so the original story got a bit lost, but, you know… there is a really cool girl and he likes her and he thinks… what if…

It’s not a secret to anybody who is interested in Destination Eurovision, that you are the youngest participant in stake. How do you feel in that specific situation?

It’s absolutely amazing…. crazy! I get to miss school.

I have opportunity to talk with amazing June The Girl, who will performed with you in second semifinal. Are you familiar with her and other DE contestant music? Do you have your own personal favorites from all submit tracks? 

I really liked her song. There are some really cool songs, my favorite song has to be Louka’s one. 

You also going to meet jury members: Amir, Christopher and Isabelle. What’s your feeling  when you thought about performing in front of them? People greatly succeed in French music industry? 

It’s gonna be really cool to sing in front of them, I just can’t wait to do that.

As I am Eurovision journalist, I can’t ask you about very basic thing. Are you a fan of this event? When for the first time you watch or heard about the favorite show of Europeans?

My mum used to watch it as a child every year so I knew about it. I remember watching  last year’s show a bit, so strange to think it could be me this year.

You said in the past, that you want still to be a normal and ordinary teenager. In last week’s you get a lot of attention and great support from fans around the world. Is this feeling of being recognizable are cool for you? How you feel with all this kind words from people located in all different places?

I think when you are in this business and you want to share your music with the world which I do, it is great to have attention and support. I am not doing music just for myself , it is a two way thing. Luckily I live in a place where I can escape if it all gets too much. But right now, bring it on.

Allright, it was magnificent conversation but sadly it comes to the end. Can you left some words to our readers and all polish fans of your music?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity . Your supports means a lot!